Julie Orme’s Story

Julie Orme is the sister-in-law of our main charity supportedr, Pure Cloud Solutions Director and another of our board trustee’s Martin Lake. Julie met Julie Hayward from Lillian Goodfellow Group of Friends around 15 years ago through work and has been supporting LGGF with their fundraising efforts since that time. She knew the charity were doing great things to not only support Cancer Research and the Marie Curie centre in Solihull, but also to support local women, and men, who may be experiencing difficulties throughout their diagnosis. Yet it wasn’t until around 5 years ago that she discovered what a lifeline they really can offer.

In late February 2014, Julie Orme was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 37. In one day, her world capsized. Happily married with three children, she soon began to fear the worst. Death and all the scary thoughts that come with it led Julie to desperately write birthday cards for her children just in case the future was as bleak as she expected.

Throughout an ordeal that lasted 12 months full of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and injections that lead to the removal of her ovaries due to the over-production of oestrogen, Julie relied on the strong network of ladies at LGGF that she had fund-raised for in the past, but never truly understood the impact of their support until now.

After going through early menopause at such an early age and having experienced some of the worst days of her life, in August 2015, Julie was given the all clear by doctors. Julie said, “it was a surreal experience. I had a wave of relief obviously, that I’d beat it, but actually, what people don’t tell you, and what you don’t expect, is the struggle after. That’s when Julie Hayward and the LGGF helped me most.”

“I struggled, and still struggle to talk about it. Even with my family. It’s hard to have those conversations. And I worry 24/7, mostly for my kids and desperately hoping that they will never get it and never endure what I’ve had to.”

Julie still has to take medication now, 5 years after receiving the all clear, and will have to continue to for the next 5 years too. She also has to attend regular mammograms as a precaution to ensure that she is cancer free. She said, “I’m so thankful to the NHS for basically saving my life. They gave me a drug that some people were paying for not so long ago. And I thought, 10-15 years ago, I might have died. It just shows how important research is.”

“That’s why I’m so eager to raise money for LGGF, to give back to them for the way they helped me, and also for the way they support Marie Curie and Cancer Research.”

Julie threw herself into charity work, doing all she could to raise as much money as possible. She completed a 26 mile hike – something she claims she never could have done without the inner strength that battling her cancer gave her, and helped LGGF to raise £5,000 at the ladies day last year.

Her ambitions are higher than ever this year as she tries to help LGGF to reach their fundraising target of £500,000. On the 29th of March, Julie has organised an event at EBAHA club in Birmingham called Dance for LGGF. Based on Peter Kay’s Dance for Life, this is a fun dance-athon with an 80’s fancy dress theme. For more information and to book your tickets, click here!

World Cancer Day encourages people to pledge their commitment to helping overcome cancer through the hashtag #IAmAndIWill. We asked Julie for hers ….. #IAmAndIWillKickCancer’sArse!