The Purslow Memorial Tournament

Following on from last year’s tournament which raised nearly £5,000 for Anne-Marie and her family, we were determined to make sure this year we did whatever we could to exceed the last. And with a fantastic total of £8400 (nearly double from last year) it’s safe to say we did just that!

On the 25th of May 2019 over 500 people attended the Purslow Memorial Tournament in remembrance of Anne-Marie Purslow a well-loved lady from Tamworth who sadly lost her battle to cancer back in September 2018. We had 20 teams from across the country enter, alongside support from sponsors, food stalls, kids’ activities, and an auction! The event wouldn’t have been a success without a collective team effort from different individuals. Whether you were an attendee, player or food vendor each of you have played a role in contributing towards a fantastic day.

“What a fabulous turn out for such a worthwhile cause, I would like to thank everyone who donated money and those who gave up their time to help make sure things went smoothly on the day.  It means a lot to me personally to be able to help others that are in need of it and I look forward to next years tournament.”

Darren Lake

“The Annual Anne-Marie Purslow Football Tournament was a huge success in my eyes and doubled in size from the previous year’s tournament which in turn led to double the money being raised for two wonderful people. I can’t thank everyone who got involved enough whether it was the players, the food vendors, the people coming to watch or the people that gave up their time to help with the day as without them the day wouldn’t be possible. As always we look forward to the 2020 tournament so watch this space on what will hopefully be a bigger and better affair!”

Jamie Lake

This year the charity has committed to splitting the funds raised from the day between two incredible ladies, Sofia Gardella just 5 and mother Claire Grady-Lennon. Sofia Gardella is currently battling an extremely rare condition called Congenital Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopeniav (CAMT). This condition is characterised by a low blood platelet and a complete lack of megakaryocytes; responsible for the production of platelets. Platelets are necessary for healthy blood clotting and a lack of them can lead to a host of resulting complications. As a result at just 5 years old Sofia attends weekly hospital visits for IV bone strengthening to protect her fragile bones, IV injections to boost her immune system, scans and blood tests. Although the money raised cant cure her illness we hope that it can be used to bring happiness to an amazing, brave girl who still, despite everything, carries on with a smile on her face.

Claire Grady-Lennon is currently at stage 4 of metastatic melanoma in the ovaries, pelvis, groin, breast tissue and brain. Claire is terrified for the future and doesn’t want to leave her three young children without a mum. Determined to fight until the very end, Claire has found out that she can have gamma-knife therapy. Due to the dear cost it is not available to get on the NHS but Claire has found a hospital in America that can help her. If successful, it means she could be granted another 10 years with her young family.

The money raised for both Sofia and Claire has provided them with some help and support along their journey. Every donation, no matter how small or big go straight to where is needed the most and where it has the most impact. Following on from the success of this years tournament, we will continue this into next year for a cause in the hope to make even a small positive different to peoples lives. If you know of a worthwhile cause or person in need that would benefit from our support – let us know! Just send an email to with details of your fundraising goal and who it’s for. If there’s a way we can help – we will.