Helping Harrison Jones

We help a little boy called Harrison Jones who suffers from neuronal migration disorders (NMDs). Neuronal migration disorders are a group of birth defects caused by the abnormal migration of neurons in the developing brain and nervous system.

This effects Harrison’s physical development in many ways. The things we all take for granted, simple tasks like eating, walking & speaking, all cause Harrison great difficulty.

When we found out about Harrison in 2016 he was in desperate need of some bespoke furniture that would improve his quality of life. Despite several applications to the local authorities, they refused to support the family to provide the equipment, leaving Harrison unable to lead a meaningful and happy life.

We worked alongside the family to arrange a charity football day at Birmingham City FC’s St Andrews Trillion Trophy Stadium. This involved a number of Blues Legends who generously gave their time to make the day a success.

With plenty of people supporting and with the help of the ex-Birmingham City players, we managed to raise a significant amount of money – just over £3,000 – that allowed the family to purchase the items they required and then some. Items that ultimately changed this little lads life.