Sharon Fox Cancer Centre

Sharon Fox was an inspirational and well-known member of the Tamworth Community until she moved to Cornwall not long ago. In March 2009 she was diagnosed with an invasive form of breast cancer, months after originally getting the all clear from a test on a growth under her arm.

She underwent a single mastectomy – with another booked in – and then faced six months of chemotherapy. During that time she had to go back into hospital three times.

While fighting cancer she felt that there wasn’t enough of a range of help for sufferers and she was having to travel across to Goodhope Hospital for holistic treatment. That’s when she got the idea for the centre, which is now called the Tamworth Well-being and Cancer Centre, that offers support, complementary therapies and other help for people affected by cancer.

The centre prides itself on encouraging women to discuss their illness and draw support from other women who are going through the early treatment of breast cancer.

For many members of our charity, cancer and the fight against it is a cause close to their hearts. We decided to raise funds that would help the support centre to continue their much-needed support for ladies who had suffered or were suffering from breast cancer.

Over the course of a number of fundraisers, we managed to raise around £2,000 for the charity. Since Sharon moved out of the Tamworth area, we have been searching for another local charity that supports those living with the daily effects of cancer, during and after treatment.

We now support the Lillian Goodfellow Group of Friends who are another local charity. they raise funds for both Cancer Research and Marie Curie.