Tamworth Nursery

Tamworth Nursery are a special needs nursery supporting children with additional and complex needs.  They have supported children with special needs since 1969, previously running as a local charity and becoming part of Two Rivers School in 2015. 

The nursery is one of only a few in the country in the early years sector with the expertise to offer appropriate provision and multi agency assessment. Their aim is to support children and their families, providing an environment and resources to enable each child to shine and reach their maximum potential.

They assist children during the EHCP assessment ensuring that they receive the support they need to continue on their educational and personal journey.  Their multi-agency team provide a detailed assessment of individual need & children may attend the nursery for observation with detailed reports being provided for Paediatric teams & other agencies.

The nursery runs two sessions the morning one for young children and the afternoon for older pre-school children, both sessions provide intensive support. The nursery provides individual programmes to suit the child & specialised equipment is on hand.

Their “Stay & Play” sessions offer support & advice to parents & short course are provided such as Autism Awareness, Communication & Behaviour Management.

We first found out about the nursery when we began fundraising for Harrison Jones. This is the nursery he attends and after the successful event we raised for him, the nursery got in touch with us. They wanted to build a specialised climbing frame for the children at the centre.

We were invited along to some of the play sessions where we able to witness how beneficial the play equipment was to children’s development. It was a no-brainer! Because of the success we’d had at previous football charity days and because of the exposure Birmingham City are able to offer, we organised another charity football event.

This involved staff from the nursery as well as the families and their friends of the children who attend. Alyson Kettel, Vice Chairman of the charity said, “Our thanks to everyone who took part in organising the event and for participating in the football match. Your generous fundraising will be an enormous contribution towards our new outdoor play equipment for the very young children with special needs who attend the nursery!”

We managed to raise a total of £1,838 on the day with all proceeds enabling the children at the nursery to gain new experiences and fun opportunities to develop and grow!

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